Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake in Nevada

A Magnitude 6.5 earthquake occurred early this morning, centered in a remote region of Nevada about 60 miles east of the California border. Light shaking was felt widely throughout the Central Valley of California and up to Reno, Nevada.

Aftershocks in the range of Magnitude 4 and 5 have been continuing to occur this morning.

Remember: when you start to feel shaking, Drop, Cover, and Hold On.

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Quarantine: The Least-Bad Time for an Earthquake?

Californians know that the Big One is not ‘if,’ but ‘when.’ And no one wishes for a large earthquake – not now, or ever. There is never a good time for an earthquake. But right now might actually be the least-bad time.

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Buying a House in Earthquake Country: Fault Zones

Finding a house to buy is whirlwind of emotions. It’s important understand how future earthquakes might affect you, and which of the natural hazard disclosures to read closely. This is part one of a three-part series looking at the importance of location, location, location when buying a house in earthquake country.

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Why Do Less Than 10% Of People Buy Earthquake Insurance?

Californians live with the threat of earthquakes every day. Most people are aware that a large earthquake, especially along the San Andreas fault, is inevitable. Yet, financially we’re woefully underprepared. Did you know that less than 10%* of Californians have earthquake insurance? Why is that?

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The Worst Places to Be When an Earthquake Strikes

We’ve secured our bookshelves, packed go-kits, and set emergency plans. We like to think we’ll be cozy at home when the “Big One” hits. But, consider the worst-case scenarios: What are the most dangerous places to be when a major earthquake happens? We explore three earthquake danger spots.

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