Magnitude 7.1 Ridgecrest earthquake

UPDATE July 6: It’s been a long, scary night with hundreds of aftershocks. We stand in solidarity with our fellow Californians whose lives are affected by this earthquake. We are so relieved to hear initial reports of no deaths and no building collapses.

All of us at Jumpstart send wishes of continued safety for residents and responders.

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Magnitude 6.4 Ridgecrest Earthquake

There have been a series of earthquakes today, July 4, 2019, near Ridgecrest, CA.

map of Ridgecrest with the epicenter of the earthquake

The largest of these, Magnitude 6.4, was large enough that it likely created a Jumpstart payout zone, but only in the region near the epicenter. The reason we say “likely” is that the determination is not final until 24 hours after the occurrence of the earthquake.

Update: On July 5, 24 hours later after it was determined that there was, in fact, a Jumpstart payout zone due to the M6.4 earthquake.

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1906 San Francisco Earthquake: Lessons from History

The 1906 San Francisco earthquake destroyed 28,000 buildings. It left over half the population homeless and claimed the lives of 3,000 people. What did we learn from the earthquake, and what changes did we implement after the earthquake? Have we done enough to prepare for the next big earthquake? In this article, we review discoveries related to geology, earthquake-induced fires, building performance, and the recovery process.

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1906 San Francisco Earthquake: New Video Footage

The 1906 San Francisco earthquake shook the city on Wednesday, April 18th at 5:12 am. Almost 300 miles of fault ruptured, and people felt shaking throughout California and parts of Oregon and Nevada. Today, the anniversary of the earthquake, is a great day to remember the effects of the quake and reflect on how we can prepare.

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