How A Major Earthquake Affects You Hundreds Of Miles Away

If a major earthquake hits in Southern California, does that mean an earthquake will soon happen in Northern California, and vice-versa? How worried should I be when a major earthquake occurs hundreds of miles away from me? Read on to learn more about fault lines and what the experts say.

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Charming Brick Buildings: Part 2

Brick buildings are charming, and people are trending back to reviving historical buildings. When was the last time you saw a nice brewery in a rustic brick building? Or a white painted brick wall in a gelato place? Probably recently. Just because a business is in a brick building or a unit is up for rent in a brick building, doesn’t mean that the building is a safe place to be during an earthquake.

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More Ways to Keep Buildings Safe in Earthquakes

How do buildings keep their occupants safe in earthquakes? A well-enforced building code is a critical first step, but technology also plays a significant role. In part 1 of this series, we focused on one of the most popular methods to protect buildings from earthquake damage, base isolation. In this article, we will share more ways to keep buildings safe in earthquakes by describing innovative protective systems and how  these technologies help buildings resist earthquakes.

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